Don't worry about building a marketing empire right away. by Hub+company

Don't worry about building a marketing empire right away.

You're doing all of the things you're "supposed to do," but you're not seeing results, and you're dangling over the cliff of burnout.

Common business wisdom has told us for many years that multitasking is a virtue -- handling a variety of tasks at one time is a valuable quality for a business owner to possess. Hogwash! The truth is that multitasking kills productivity.

This guide represents strategies for reducing the overwhelm when it comes to marketing your business. These no-fail tips will help you focus on one approach long enough to see results before moving on to another and then another. 
Disclaimer: In this time of GDPR and FTC crack downs, I need to let you know that I make no representation or promise that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, or that you will not lose money through with the tips in this guide. This information is given purely for informational purposes. You are solely responsible for your use of it.

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