Most owners can’t clearly state their business' unique value. by Hub+company

Most owners can’t clearly state their business' unique value.


Our brand promise should convey a particular image that shows people the vibe or culture of our company. This is an important part of resonating with our customers. They need to feel like we are on their side or part of their tribe. For example, consider a chemical company that uses modern technology to create products from safe, all-natural ingredients. While it may be a scientific laboratory making the products, images of scientific implements and white lab coats won't resonate with the market, which is made up of people who are concerned with natural living. On the other hand, seeing the products being used in a natural surrounding may hit just the right chord.
This ability to "flip the script" comes from understanding our customers' perceptions. For example, many people see online marketers as unethical scam artists. If you sell products related to marketing, you could turn this perception around by showing how your products and services help everyday people become entrepreneurs and find financial freedom and success.
Language is also a major factor. The words we use in our message needs to speak directly to our market. If our target market is young hipsters, then we should use words they would use in every day conversation. If our market is corporate businesses, we'll stick with more traditional language that's relevant to their business.
Even if we have some crossover in our markets, such as a combination of young and old, sticking with one type of language differentiates us. For example, Apple may look like their products are targeted at a young generation, but older people love them too. Maybe that's because we all want to be young and "hip."
Through this training you'll get ideas for the right language to use to set yourself apart from your competitors. Let me guide you step-by-step through several critical tasks:

Module 1: Calling a Spade a Rose >> Identify the what and why of your brand promise.
Module 2: Understanding Your Target Market >> Gain a detailed understanding of your target market
Module 3: Spying on Your Competitors >> Learn what the competition is doing so that you’ll know your point of differentiation
Module 4: Blow Away the Competition >> Ensure your product or service can deliver on your brand promise
Module 5: Create Your Unique Value Proposition >> Pull it all together to write your masterpiece!
Module 6 >> That's a Wrap!

Once you have documented your brand promise everything in your business will become a lot clearer. It will drive all your decisions. And before long, you won’t be getting blank stares from audience when they see your name or your company’s.

They’ll know exactly who you are and the tremendous value you provide.

Disclaimer: In this time of GDPR and FTC crack downs, I need to let you know that I make no representation or promise that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, or that you will not lose money through this training. This information is given purely for informational purposes. You are solely responsible for your use of it.
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